Sunday, April 10, 2011

 She's broken trynna pull herself back together..
she told him, without him life could be so much better,
she's was frozen, thought she was frozen forever
she's finally melting, love seems to depend on the weather
He grabbed her shook her until the world kept spinning
he dropped her..let her fall as she slept sitting
thinking of what he does to her as I was singing
as she was finishing..
wrote up poems, and goodbye letters praying hoping god was listening
but he was only there to show her what she was missing
A man will never give up his happiness and hand it over to a woman
as long as he were living
this is true, because she only felt the love in his kissing
she felt it when he was hungry for more living
traditional values, a bride was left lonely
from the one she thought was her one and only
though it's the end, his true colors started showing
now shes broken
and he refuses to feel the sorrow
through his cold blood and flesh of tomorrow
hoping he'd die
with the lie she felt upon his torso
she told me she seen it in his eyes
this was done for us, all the problems in our life
thankful for what she has now that it's goodbye
hand over her promise and the locks that kept them together
gave back to her the most precious treasure
but he was nothin near that in her eyes
she let him go so fast and threw him off her level
regained her happiness until he finally settled
Love isn't a game..
but he played her like how I'm playin with these letters..
he grabbed her, held her tight, told her he'd never let her go
he slapped her, bit her, put her up for a show
he told her he loved her and made sure everybody knows
but what everybody knew thought his treatment was gold
but the shit was invisible she could no longer hold..
onto her own back..walkin against her feet and take it all
everything thing was to much to bare to much to ask for
watched as she fell right through the hole..

Written By Esra Chebli