Monday, December 13, 2010

To me your a friend..
not an enemy..

How come when I need most help
the ones who seem to be farthest are most near..
How come when I look to my side your never there
and when I look around me everybody else is here..
How come it is that every time I fallow your advice
I fall into the arms of someone I never thought cared about me..
it is you my friend..who seems to envy
backstab..hurt..and push me away from enemies
my friend are you afraid that I face the truth?
because I noticed now a days my fashions a little trendy
am I blinded by you my friend?
because I can finally see your being a little to friendly
when I trusted you with my life and now it's so hard catching..
my friend..are you trynna flip my mind around
by giving me a shoulder for me to lean?
my is you who knows what makes me most weak
it is you who took away what I needed to keep
it is you who told me to never believe..
believe that life can get hard and throw me off my feet
did you say it to shut me up when I was hurt?
you said it's okay don't worry please..
you never made me cry..instead you wiped my tears.
why? the truth is what you were in most fear..
now you say losing me..
my friend how come so many different faces begin to appear
one minute your gone the next minute your yappin through my ears..
you said keep everybody at distant
though I'm glad I chose to keep talkin to my peers..
my friend you mean nothing
your another relationship that comes to an end..
there is not relation with my enemies..
I'm gonna leave you to drain with the past
because I finally found the missing center peice.

Written By Esra Chebli