Saturday, June 26, 2010

Reply For you..

You know I feel I changed..
your my blood and my love will always remain the same,
I hold this guilt I hold this shame and cover it up playin a game
but you always find your way catch me in these lies Im trynna say
ur stressed look at this monster mamma made,
 we share a room its now like two enemies in a cage..
but wait,
I will always be here to wait,
 give you faith
 be the sink for your tears to drain..
yeah I know imma little insane
and it trips me out to see what I have to face..
how did this all happen in the first place?
try to relate havin to cope with these issues like demons in my brain..
little voices inside me echoing saying my name
im trynna run away my frustration builds up each day..
Im afraid thats why I luy awake
I cry and pray blastin music in my ears starin at the ceilin paint,
 thinkin about the past I wish I can erase..
I aint a happy person I just fake
I know you understand me my life is a crazy peraid,
sometimes I feel its to late I know you can relate
we live under the same roof we eat outta the same plate..
I dont know when this exactly occured inside me
I cant tell you the time and date
but I can tell you one thing hopefully everything will be okay
give it time maybe things will rearrange..
back to the way they were for now imma have to ask you to take..
take til I got nothin left to make..
go to sleep this is only temporary
 ur my sister..
my blood..
just pretend this aint happenin like its imaginary...

Written By Esra Chebli


  1. Finalllly, havent heard from you in a while now, keep it coming Ezzy :)

  2. ahaha..I know..I will same to youu write! =D