Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I got dreams bigger than me, but sometimes I just wonder how I'm gonna carry it all
sometimes I stop and think, is it realistic to have it all, when it's simply a car, house, and lots of clothes
but then an idea crosses my mind..maybe a fact? if everyone lives up to themselves how can we make the world a better place..
how can we stop using up goods and services for unnecessary purposes, just to have a piece of paper that worths these purchases..? now here's my help the poor instead of the poor helping the rich...? Ironic isn't it, the rich get richer, and wealth equals power, and just because of that nobody is willing to give up the power to help the poor, because everyone wants to take control some way some how, yet the same people are against communism, it's like there subconscious mind is only aware that they are contradicting themselves in here's the's all the same shit but just a different pile, and entertainment is a huge part of this..they make songs about changing the world, but the reason why is because its gonna be a hit, and you know they're making millions out of it..but it's all talk, are they really making a change..on to the next song, just a moment of grace..I feel like my dreams are bigger then me sometimes, because my dreams are based upon helping the world, but everyone only lives up to themselves which is the problem..I was told that I was supposed to be selfish at times because I always said, if it took living my life up to helping one person I will, because I benefit from it to..soon people will look up to me as a leader and follow me instead of those misleaders passion in hairstyling..or hobby of about I share these talents elsewhere, where it's needed..because these words will never be heard in this society, there's to many people with the same talents using them for all the wrong reasons, but I'm somebody who doesn't want to just make a difference in my life..but a difference in others, I would live in poverty with those people living in poverty that never even had the time or energy to find talents, with my passion I'll be able to push people up with me..but here's the shouldn't have to be this way, if every millionaire gave up 30,000 dollars each they'll be able to help those countries in is the problem..and money is a piece of paper..not a monster..but the paper that will corrupt the world, and the main cause for bombs hitting homes and the murder to millions of people..Just a piece of mind

Esra Chebli

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