Friday, August 17, 2012

Is it normal to feel a sense of neglect, stuck waiting hoping you wont get..
hurt, but it's tough to prevent the stress that triggers your ego just makes u upset
nothin less, stuffed trynna retain your breath..just blows me away am I really upset
more of hurt..smashed in a train wreck..every part of me shattered in pieces
my muscles can't flex..I'm so weak, I can't sustain my flesh,
releasing pain trynna obtain with a sense of express..expression
no other way to reframe my respect..but the shame makes me wanna rip out of my chest
why step, knowin your gonna fall and later regret, you gave her a friend
and would trade her for ten, while shes trynna pretend but her studies get the greater effect
you replace her like vents, engrave her with dents, what a way to elect
someone to run you over, and fake the way you dress..
putting on that extra face, surely become obsessed, your officially crazy
it hits deep in your mental intellect..

Esra Chebli

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