Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So little, so discomforting
I'm struggling
my words repeat
just like I'm stuttering

hiding..no I'm covering
theres a truth
a story behind my numbering

my growth exceeds, yes I'm suffering
governing my words I can't read
writing like I'm coloring
I can't tell
senseless tumbling
uttering, yes I'm stumbling
rumbling while my mind is juggling
confusion elites my heart is wondering

so little..so discomforting
I'm trying to see the best
sooth the stress
and fall in depth

holding back ur flawless attack
ready to let go
no! my paws are strapped

I need you..my desires to want you
conquered..I'm about to flaunt you
lost to..just a cherry on top

trynna feel with you
but I'm just to young
afraid to grow mature
while I grow into your love

What if I wake up one day
trust issues
I'm no game to play
just to good to be true
I seem to struck

obsession..no, attachment..no
that's it..u fulfill that
use it..then stash it

what happened
shooting star
a falling shooting star
yes! it was a beautiful start

down a hill we go
its just a road

theres the clouds
but we can't go

suffer for both
we will grow to be old
and remember
we stuck with each other through the cold
most of all
I love you

once your gone,
I'm gone with you
attachment..yes maybe
I'm back to nothing once ur gone
ur one puzzle piece that was a perfect fit for my heart
not to big..nor to little
I know where to find your march

January, February, March..
my growth exceeds, yes I'm falling apart
there was the worst part
April, May..
the past? I'm thinking with advance
am I awake

you leave me with a bedtime story everyday
it's to long tho..I can never sleep
my mind to busy working night and day
mothering my heart and keeping my faith

hard to keep that faith
with life..what I mean is
it looks so wrong..but seems so right
uptight about the shit that makes us fight
why do I understand you so well
I must be psyched

like, why am I so happy
and get snappy like,
when shits not right
when the juggling kicks in
tumbling, stumbling, rumbling

listen..I will be stronger
because your weak
and you break faster then my bones can crack
you have my team

am I on crack? I'm independent
you have me..the world fell against me
but I have you..
but fall against me with it..then
Fuck you

this is magic,
dramatic changes
this shit happens
but imagine
ur an experience here to teach me
love needs practice
shit that would be just tragic

to me your more
and this is somethin deeper then the earths core
truth is, sometimes I snap
my adrenaline rushes like an earthquake
to late you didn't hit that
and your the reason why.
sorry to have such a lack
of patience, I'm not famous for that
(just sayin)

here blamin myself
your not the only cause
I got issues
I wish it would stop
maybe I am a..psycho relationship freak
but your love is my institute
your helping me heal

it feels so wrong without you
as wrong as it might be in the worlds eyes
being with you
this story sets a meaning to my life

fuck you for ever hurting me
I love u, but trust this shit isn't new to me
if you left, you know exactly what that'll do to me
I just miss the way it used to be

this story I keep..will stay hidden

Written By Esra Chebli

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