Saturday, August 4, 2012

Past a dream, he fell in another place..almost hit the top
but god closed the gates, he questions why
it was just a few mistakes, but how much will it take
to learn a lesson and never break,

trynna run from the hardships
movin silently
to cole, if they never knew ur dreams they couldn't break them down
jumpin to the top, never took fallin quietly
they saw him drop so hard
his bones crushed violently

with all the care and support to help him heal
he's traumatized by the experience god made him feel
to him nobody understood,
so god sent an angel to help him to his feet
how hard was it to believe,
the devil was an angel
the angel that gave him jealousy

comparing a rich man to a poor man left in the dirt
made shit much worse and changed his view upon the universe
hate is the word, his eyes saw nothing beautiful
back to god askin why, why is my life unusual

trynna compromise the difference
between you as a child and other children
for you life seems more timid
to them it seems to be a gimmick
tasting success, while you try so hard to live it
what's the advantage, he never seems to finish

complaining, wondering, changing
there's less to life lately, but maybe
if he gets it together
shit wouldn't be this crazy
god will gift him with a house, a wife..a baby

Written By Esra Chebli

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